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 Water Pump Kubota Comes With Gasket 1A021- 73030, 16412- 73030,  1A021-73033, 1A021-73035, B1VPE1133
Fits For Engines:
L2050, L2250, L2350, L2500, L2550, L2600, L2650, L2800, L2850, L2900, L2950, L3000, L3010, L3130, L3240, L3250, L3300, L3400, L3410, L3430, L3450, L3540, L3600, L3650, L3710, L3830, L3940, L4200, L4240, L4300, L4310, L4400, L4610, L4630, L4740, L4850, L5450, M4030, M4700, M4800, M4900, M5400, M5700, MX5000

Kubota Water Pump 1A021-73030

SKU: 7127