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This Cummins Head Gasket Set is specifically designed for 8.3L 6CT and 6CTA diesel engines, making it a perfect fit for a variety of tractors. The set includes all the necessary gaskets to ensure a proper seal and optimal performance for your engine. With OEM part numbers 3800750 and 3802624, you can trust that this head gasket set is made to the highest quality standards and will provide a reliable solution for your tractor. Whether you have an 8CYL, 6C, 6CT, or 6CTA Cummins engine, this set is designed to fit perfectly and provide a secure seal for maximum efficiency. Invest in the best with this Cummins Head Gasket Set for your tractor.

Cummins Head Gasket Set 8.3L 6CT 8.3L 6CTA Diesel

SKU: 1217