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The Bobcat Cabin Air Filter 6677983 6678207 is the perfect replacement filter for a range of Bobcat loader models, including the 751, 753, 763, 773, 863, 864, 873, 883, 963, A220, A300, S100, S130, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, S220, S250, S300, S330, T110, T140, T180, T190, T200, T250, T300, T320. This package includes both the Cab Heater Air Filter and the Cabin Air Filter, ensuring that you have everything you need to keep the cabin of your tractor clean and free of contaminants. The high-quality construction of these filters ensures that they will effectively trap dust, dirt, and other air particles, providing you with clean and fresh air as you work. Easy to install and durable, the Bobcat Cabin Air Filter 6677983 6678207 is a must-have for any Bobcat loader owner looking to maintain a healthy and comfortable cabin environment.

Bobcat Cabin Air Filter 6677983 6678207

SKU: 2476-2477