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Functionality: Monitor the amp meter gauge and fits perfectly for Ford 8N, 2N, 9N, 600, 700, 800, NAA, and 900 models using A0NN10670A
Enhanced Performance Tracking: Ensure your Ford tractor's optimal performance by accurately measuring amp levels, aiding in timely maintenance and troubleshooting.
Exact Fit for Ford 8N Tractors: Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into 8N Ford tractors, providing a reliable and precise metering solution for your agricultural machinery.
Durable and Reliable Build: Constructed with high-quality materials, this gauge ensures longevity and resilience against tough environmental conditions, maintaining consistent performance
Easy Installation and Readability: Effortlessly install this gauge to effortlessly keep track of your tractor's electrical system, enhancing operational efficiency. The clear display ensures easy readings at a glance.

Ford Tractor Amp Meter Gauge 8N NAA A0NN10670A

SKU: 1835