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Upgrade your tractor's fuel system with the Kubota Electric Fuel Pump EP-500-0. This universal low-pressure gas and diesel pump operates at 12V and delivers 3-5 Psi of pressure, ensuring optimal fuel flow to your engine. With OEM part numbers including 12585-52030, 12585-52031, 68371-51210, 035000-0460, EP-500-0, 15231-52030, and 15231-52033, you can trust that this fuel pump is compatible with a wide range of Kubota tractors. Whether you're looking to replace a worn-out pump or upgrade to a more efficient fuel delivery system, the Kubota Electric Fuel Pump EP-500-0 is the perfect choice for any tractor owner. Experience improved engine performance and reliability with this high-quality fuel pump.

Kubota Electric Fuel Pump EP-500-0

SKU: 9185